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Around the World with Superman

A blind girl wins a flight with Superman.

The Whistling Bird

An agent working for a foreign power steals a parakeet that knows the formula for a new explosive.

Star of Fate

An ancient Egyptian box holds a hidden needle that contains a hypnotic poison.

Lady in Black

Jimmy is baffled by clever art thieves, but Superman arrives to solve his problems.

Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor

Jimmy makes up a big news story when he takes over his chief's job for a day.

The Golden Vulture

Jimmy and Lois become the prisoners of a modern-day pirate.

Beware the Wrecker

Superman hopes to reveal the identity of an enemy responsible for several disasters.

Perry White's Scoop

A corpse, clad in a diver's suit, winds up on the main street of Metropolis.

Semi-Private Eye

Jimmy learns a tough lesson when he tries to solve a crime by himself.

The Boy Who Hated Superman

The Clown Who Cried

My Friend Superman

Jungle Devil

The Machine That Could Plot Crimes

Panic in the Sky

The Man in the Lead Mask

The Face and the Voice

After plastic surgery, a gangster poses as Superman.

The Dog Who Knew Superman

A Ghost for Scotland Yard

Superman in Exile

The Defeat of Superman

Shot in the Dark

Jet Ace

The Man Who Could Read Minds

The Big Squeeze

Five Minutes to Doom