Adam Ruins Flying

Adam causes turbulence when he reveals that reward miles drive up costs, and revisits the "golden age" of air travel to uncover smoky, sexist death traps in the sky. Plus, airline mergers are crippling smaller cities.

Adam Ruins Tech

Adam Ruins Sleep

Adam Ruins Guns

Adam Conover is back to take aim at critics on both sides of the gun debate in America. He explains why an assault weapons ban would not be effective and demonstrates how the Second Amendment has been twisted to fit the NRA's agenda.

Reanimated History: 100 Years Ago Today

Reanimated History: The Copernican Ruin-aissance

Reanimated History: An Ancient History of Violence

Reanimated History: Mutually Assured Ruination

Reanimated History: The First Factsgiving

Reanimated History: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth

Adam Ruins The Future

Adam Ruins Science

Adam Ruins Halloween

Strangers with poisoned candy don't exist, the panic over Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast didn't happen and mediums are total frauds.

Adam Ruins Spa Day

Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories

Adam debunks the fake moon landing theory, proving that with 1969 technology, it would have been easier to land on the moon than to fake it.

Adam Ruins The Economy

Adam Ruins The Suburbs

Adam Ruins His Vacation

Emily Ruins Adam Ruins Everything

Adam Ruins College

School's in session with Adam Conover, as he explains why the chances of becoming a drop out billionaire are not in your favor. A college degree is a necessity in today's economy, but selecting a top school is harder than you think since rankings are manipulated by a system that has little to do with the quality of education. Plus, the formerly groundbreaking student loan system has created trillions of dollars in debt through shady privatization signed off on by Uncle Sam.

Adam Ruins What We Learned in School

Adam takes a crew of kids and their teacher on a ride through the toon-iverse in his first animated episode. He shares how Christopher Columbus didn't discover America and would have been forgotten to history if not for the work of an American author well known for his tall tales. Then they visit the pyramids and learn why King Tut was a dud in the annals of Egyptian History. Plus, the rules of grammar are not as iron clad as you'd think.

Adam Ruins Fine Art

Adam Ruins Dating

Adam Ruins the Hospital

Adam Ruins Weight Loss

Host Adam Conover takes us on a dieting roller coaster ride, illustrating all the reasons low-fat diets can actually make you fatter, and why counting calories is a waste of time.

Adam Ruins Having a Baby