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Push the Button

24min - Vlad prepares to activate the Antelopes Tail and panic sets in as no one truly knows what activating the device will do. Ruth Brooks is removed from duty by her U.S equivalent - Gemma Stone who attempts an all-American raid on Vlad's fortress. But Vlad's tricks throw them off course. Luckily, Huxley and Logan break the Abacus code and call on Ruth Brooks to bring Action Team back together.

Super Mega Robot

24min - Ruth Brooks has successfully retrieved the Antelopes Tail, securely locating it back at MI6. But all is lost for Action Team as they are shut down and Logan is presumed dead. With no one to stop him, Vlad's fury is unleashed as he threatens the world with the unveiling of his Super Mega Robot. Meanwhile Graham and Monica try to warn MI6 that they have a mole in their midst. But with Action Team disbanded, who is left to stop the Super Mega Robot being unleashed at Midnight (Russian time).


22min - Logan's girlfriend Samantha has been taken and Action Team turn rogue to get her back.

Mind Games

24min - Logan is attacked at his girlfriend's parents' house by an Abacus assassin, and retribution is on the cards. Vlad, still in possession of the World's deadliest device continues his plans for world domination - but will a secret meeting with the World's top ten bad guys be his undoing?

The Antelope's Tail

22min - Action Team try to capture a secret device and from the clutches of Schevchenko and his girlfriend, Rebecca Volk. Logan is ordered to seduce Volk for information, so they head to Bulgaria. Armed with Volk's information, the team boards a high-speed train. But they soon discover they've been double crossed and start to think that someone has infiltrated their mission.


24min - After an agent is shot dead, Action Team discover plans to attack an international charity conference. Vladimir Schevchenko threatens a possible attack on the West, name checking the secret organisation, Abacus. Ruth Brooks orders Action Team to land in Vienna as eyes and ears only but when they meet local agent Bogohart, who has intel on a mysterious bomb maker, they have ideas of their own.