Episode 30

38min - Situ Feng encourages Qingqing to devote more time to her drawings. Months later, Situ Feng receives an offer from a record label in the U.S.

Episode 29

27min - Situ Feng disguises himself for his outing with Qingqing, who faces internet trolls and sets out to prove herself a good Samaritan.

Episode 28

Episode 27

Episode 26

Episode 25

Episode 24

Episode 23

Episode 22

28min - After Situ Feng's press conference, Yiyang gets in trouble with Situ Feng fans. Over dinner, Gu Nanxi encourages Qingqing to come clean to Situ Feng.

Episode 21

Episode 20

Episode 19

Episode 18

Episode 17

31min - Lin Yiyang bullies Qingqing after Xinya complains to him about her. A violent showdown triggers memories of a tragic event in Situ Feng's past.

Episode 16

34min - When Qingqing skips school, Situ Feng cross-dresses to sneak into the women's dorm and check on her. Qingqing finds out the truth about her parents.

Episode 15

35min - When the mandatory school trip coincides with Qing Chen and Situ Feng's music video shoot, Qingqing must pull off a series of quick outfit changes.

Episode 14

Episode 13

33min - Situ Feng tells Qing Chen about Qingqing -- and suggests an introduction. When Gu Nanxi's brother spites Qingqing, Situ Feng stands firmly by her side.

Episode 12

33min - Qingqing discovers the real reason why Situ Feng called off the music video. At her teacher Chen Xiao's place, Qingqing finds a photo of her parents.

Episode 11

Episode 10

Episode 9

Episode 8

Episode 7

29min - To win a cash prize for Fangfang, Qingqing joins a competition to star with Situ Feng in a music video -- but she must revert to her old self to win.

Episode 6

29min - To give Qingqing a hard time, Lan Xinya assigns her to manual labor at the student union. Qingqing tricks Situ Feng into performing a surprise show.

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1