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A talented young chef starts working at IHOW and Olive is immediately smitten.

IdANTity Crisis

Chyna discovers that Skidmore has been extracting all the ANTs' personalities with a yogurt machine.


Chyna and the other ANTs have been given an assignment to do something for Black History Month.

Early RetiremANT

Chyna's grandmother becomes the school principal.

ChANTs of a Lifetime

Chyna is selected to go on tour with famous girl group "Trifecta" after a member leaves the band.

ScavANTger Hunt

With all the teachers out sick, Skidmore sends the kids on an educational scavenger hunt.

Detective AgANTcy

Chyna unintentionally encourages Darryl to quit his job as a cop.

MutANT Farm II

Mutant Chyna develops a forbidden crush on a boy who is human.

SignificANT Other

Chyna is tired of Fletcher asking her out, so she becomes the worst, most needy girlfriend ever.


Tensions rise when Chyna scores higher than Olive on an intelligence test.


The ANTs become suspicious that Skidmore plans on getting rid of the art and music programs.


Chyna and Lexi decide to team up to win a song and dance competition at the county fair.

AmusemANT Park

Chyna and Cameron go to the county fair, but they spend all their money in the first twenty minutes.


Chyna, Gibson and the other ANTs head to Australia where this year's ANT convention is being held.

The ANTagonist

Fletcher decides to start his own animated webshow and the first episode features ants (the insect).


Skidmore has taken away the school internet.

Modeling assignmANT

Chyna wants to help Cameron find his dream girl, so she concocts a fake modeling shoot.

FANTasy Girl

The ANTs are put in charge of planning the school dance.


Chyna and the ANTs are forced to show the ropes to a prospective ANT, who turns out to be a baby.

Creative ConsultANT

A famous tween movie star follows Chyna around in order to study for the role of a tween prodigy.