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Episode 13: Dance Puppy Dance

22min - Cherry is having trouble writing a song for the queen. And when one of her catchy tunes goes viral, she can't concentrate on composing her royal song.

Episode 12: Doggie Dance No-Show

22min - When Plum decides to stage a dog dance show, Huckleberry and Tom Tom enjoy rehearsing together, but the pup is uncomfortable in front of an audience.

Episode 11: The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster

22min - Apple finds the perfect way to pump up her dance moves: She creates shoes that keep time to any music! But the shoes soon have their own ideas.

Episode 10: Hot Sauce Cook Off

22min - Before the annual Big Berry County Fair, Sour and Apple encourage Bloom to try one more time to beat his cousin in a hot sauce contest.

Episode 9: The Berry Best Biscuit

22min - When Apple and Sour start playing pranks on each other, the jokes soon turn into a feud, and it's up to Strawberry and the gang to set things right.

Episode 8: The Berry Best Taste Test

22min - Strawberry's new cake is such a hit, the girls want everyone to hear about it. But when Strawberry fouls up the recipe, Apple has to find a solution.

Episode 7: The Berry Bitty Great Race

22min - Apple's campfire tale of villains and chases is so outrageous that everyone thinks the story is made up. But the gang may be in for a big surprise.

Episode 6: Berry Big Tale-Teller

22min - Learning the difference between truth and a story is hard for Sweet, who doesn't understand why twin sister Sour is so good at spinning yarns.

Tall Tale Trio

22min - At the Berry girls' annual camp-out, Orange, Plum and Cherry each tell an over-the-top yarn to explain why they arrived late.

A Berry Merry Birthday

22min - Twins Sweet and Sour always have a joint birthday party. So when Sour insists on her own party, Strawberry has to stir up a sweet solution.

High Tech Drama

22min - Lemon and Raspberry want to win the high-tech fashion contest, but when things go wrong, the gang has to show them some low-tech ideas.

Berry Bitty Adventurer

22min - The high-tech fashion contest is looming, but when Strawberry's traveling cousin Apple Dumplin' arrives for a visit, everything is up in the air.

Berry Double Trouble

22min - While some of the girls use teamwork for an online fashion contest, the twins have trouble making just the right cake for Strawberry's café.