Seek and Disrupt!

40min - Morgan looks into companies like Google, AirBnB and Spotify as he attempts to rewrite the rules and fill a void in the marketplace.

The Truth About Toxins

Game Changers

40min - Screaming fans, sold-out arenas, and teenage superstars, Spurlock joins the ranks of professional video gamers in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the "sports" world. Committed to understanding this shockingly intense industry, he joins reigning League of Legends North American Champions as they train to compete for a big cash prize at the World Championship in Paris.

CSI: Spurlock

40min - Separating fact from TV dramatizations, Spurlock embeds in a forensic science unit to understand first-hand how crime scene investigations are actually conducted. From the first responders to the collection of evidence to its analysis in the lab, he gets a crash course in Crime 101 from beginning to end.

One Giant Step for Morgan

Double or Nothing

40min - Spurlock enters the seductive world of professional gambling by spending a week in Las Vegas determined to beat the house. His exploration of this pastime, which often leads to serious addiction, takes him to casinos, bookies, the racetrack, Off Track Betting and just about any place that allows him to gamble.