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Episode 11: Lolly's Long Goodbye

10min - Lolly hates saying goodbye, but her friends find a way to make it easier

Episode 10: Alice Gets the Hiccups

10min - Alice the platypus needs help to stop her hiccups

Episode 9: Sammy and the Bee

10min - Sammy's favourite honeybee goes missing, and the Koalas arrange a search

Episode 8: Josie's Little Accident

10min - Josie accidentally breaks Sammy's mug, and the Koalas help her to make amends

Episode 7: Archie the Tennis Ace

10min - Archie has trouble finding tennis partners because he won't give others a turn

Episode 6: Mitzi's Busy Day

10min - Mitzi the possum makes a lot of promises, and then has trouble keeping them all!

Episode 5: Penny's Big Game

10min - Penny the penguin is excited about the outback cricket match

Episode 4: George's Big Race

10min - George and Archie have a race, but it doesn't turn out quite as expected

Episode 3: Plane Crazy Ned

10min - Ned builds a model aeroplane that gets out of control

Episode 2: George's Little Plant

10min - George's favourite plant is wilting, and time is running out to save it

Episode 1: Sammy's Bad Day

10min - Everything goes wrong for Sammy the shopkeeper, until the Koalas help out