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Forever Charmed

With Leo by her side, Piper turns to Coop for help in traveling back in time to bring Phoebe and Paige back to life following the final battle. It is during this time, the sisters get a glimpse of what the future holds for them. Billie is forced to make a heartbreaking decision in regards to Christy and her future magical endeavors.

Kill Billie: Vol. 2

Gone with the Witches

In order to get Billie to fight the Charmed Ones alongside of her, Christy and the demonic world resort to deception in order to get the magical community to think the sisters are no longer using their powers for the greater good, and as a result, need to be stopped. As a result, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige have to hide in the underworld in order to come up with a plan to fight back. Meanwhile, the demons working with Christy reveal that the upcoming battle will not only destroy the Charmed Ones, but also Billie and Christy.

The Jung and the Restless

To prove her point about the Charmed Ones no longer working for the greater good to Billie, Christy casts a spell on Piper, Phoebe, and Paige that causes them to fall into a dream-like state. Before this occurs however, Piper has a meeting with one of the Elders in regards to Billie and Christy possibly being recruited for evil purposes; Phoebe has an encounter with Coop that rekindles her desire to have children; Paige tries to keep her newest charge, Mikelle safe from a Darklighter. It is ultimately help received from Mikelle that causes the sisters to realize that Billie and Christy need to be stopped so Leo can be saved.

The Torn Identity

As Coop realizes that he has fallen in love with Phoebe, she throws him for a loop when she wants to peruse love with a mortal instead of with a magical being. Meanwhile, as Piper tracks down the demons who killed Billie and Christy's parents, she begins to suspect that the demons and the sisters are somehow connected to the Ultimate Power. Paige turns to Coop for help with some issues she has in regards to her marriage to Henry. Christy tries to convince Billie that the Charmed Ones are out to get her.

Generation Hex

Coop takes Phoebe down memory lane of all of her past loves from this life and from her past lives, in an attempt to get her to open her heart for love again. Meanwhile Piper's already full plate gets a few more things placed on it when Leo's former students arrive, looking for refuge from several powerful demons who are hunting them. As Paige and Henry start planning their honeymoon, Christy is reluctant to go along with Billie's plains to be reunited with their parents. Later, after the triad kills their parents, Christy discovers that it was part of her final test to put their final plan into place.

Engaged and Confused

Henry and Paige are now engaged. However, as the wedding preparations start, the happy couple are starting to feel bad case of cold feet and contemplate calling everything off. As this is taking place, several formal triad members out for revenge try to attack the Charmed Ones, despite the outcome can expose them to the triad. After vanquishing the demons, Piper is hopeful that it will cause Leo to return to her, but is disappointed when that doesn't happen. Later, Paige decides to speed things up and decides to marry Henry the night of their engagement party. Phoebe meets a new Cupid named Coop.

The Last Temptation of Christy

Billie, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are thrown for a loop after Christy miraculously escapes her captors when Christy cowers at Billie's attempts of comfort. Things get tricky for everyone when the evil Triad makes an appearance again and has a mysterious connection to Christy. Paige is uncertain of her future with Henry when she gets a marriage proposal from a fellow Whitelighter-Witch.

12 Angry Zen

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, Piper receives a message that will lead her to Leo. However, she, Phoebe, and Paige fall under the spell of a demon out to kill the guardian of an ancient staff that holds magical powers of the Zodiac. As a result, Billie is tasked in protecting the guardian and finding a way to save the sisters, and while there, gets some sage advice in how to find her sister. Later, Henry comes to accept Paige's magical powers and the couple admits their mutual love for one another.

Repo Manor

As Phoebe begins to out of the manor, a trio of demons looks to hijack the sisters' lives in order to obtain the Power of Three and the Book of Shadows. The demons' plan almost goes off without a hitch, but thanks to call for help sent to Billie, the sisters are able to return to their rightful places inside the manor and vanquish the demons. Meanwhile, Paige decides to tell Henry about her magical powers and looks to Phoebe for advice about how to do it without freaking him out.

Payback's a Witch

Thanks to Billie's obsession to find the demons who took her sister, demons she has previously tortured help a former parolee of Henry's take a bank full of customers' hostage. As a result, Paige has to use her Whitelighter powers to save Henry after he gets injured. Meanwhile, thanks to Leo's absence, Wyatt begins to act up, causing Piper to get to her wit's end.

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Vaya Con Leos

After receiving a warning from the Angel of Death that Leo is on his list of souls to collect, Piper casts a spell to make everybody look like Leo so Death can't complete his job. She then turns to the Elders and Avatars for help in keeping Leo safe, only to discover that it's Leo's destiny to die. As a result, Piper turns to the Angel of Destiny in an attempt to cut a deal to keep him alive. As Billie tracks down a lead in her attempt to locate her sister, Paige has her first date with Henry.

Hulkus Pocus

After agreeing to help Agent Murphy by capturing a demon who recently escaped from Federal Custody, the sisters and Leo have to find the antidote of a government created virus that causes magical beings to turn into Hulk-like creatures after Billie gets infected with the virus.

Battle of the Hexes

While helping Agent Brody by reading through some cold cases that Homeland Security has on hand, Billie inadvertently puts on a belt she found and is granted superhero powers that can turn the sexes against one another. As a result, she comes under the power of a power hungry female demon who plans to use Billie's new powers to gain female domination the world over. As Piper tries to book a headlining musical act to perform at P3, Paige gets a new charge that causes her to cross paths with a new love interest.

The Lost Picture Show

As Paige contemplates returning to work as a Social Worker, she gets a visit from her father Sam, looking for help in locating J.D., an old charge of his who disappeared in the 1950's. While on the case, they discover J.D. was taken by a demon who pretends to be a doctor as cover to kidnap future Whitelighters and keeps them trapped in a photo collage. Meanwhile, a bickering Piper and Leo go to a soothsayer for help in getting over their marital problems.

Kill Billie: Vol.1


When Billie uses her powers to save an innocent from a demon who attacks mortals by using a swarm of evil imps to do his dirty work, she is unaware that Agent Murphy is witnessing what's happening. As a result, Murphy suspects that the sisters are not really dead. Billie then causes more problems when she casts a spell that causes Phoebe to speed her relationship up with Dex. The sisters start to regret faking their deaths and with the help of Agent Murphy, decide to drop their secret identities with a convincing cover story.

Desperate Housewitches

Wyatt's in a preschool play where a classmate's parent gets possessed by a demon looking to resurrect the source and creating the perfect demonic family by tricking the toddler to use his magical powers. Paige overreacts when she sees Dex get kissed by another woman. Meanwhile, Billie gets Leo and herself in a sticky situation when she talks Leo into taking her to see the Magic School, unaware that it's currently under demonic control and need to find a special spell to get back home before the demons find and attack them.

Run, Piper, Run

While on a job interview, Piper is stunned to discover that her assumed identity is wanted for murder is ultimately arrested. As a result, Phoebe, Paige, and Billie set out to prove that "Jenny" isn't the person the authorities are looking for. Meanwhile, as Phoebe gets closer to Dex, she has a premonition of him caught in an earthquake.

Malice in Wonderland

A young demon who looks to gain control of the underworld suspects that the sisters are still alive and devises a plan to lure them out of hiding that involves plot lines from the story of Alice in Wonderland. However, it doesn't take long for Billie to realize what the demon is up to and goes after him by herself, only to become a victim as well and as a result, the sisters have to risk exposure to save her. Paige contemplates becoming a cop after being pulled over and Phoebe, in her new persona, is hired at the paper as the new advice columnist.

Still Charmed and Kicking