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What's Next?

The 118 rush to save lives in the aftermath of a massive train derailment.

Eddie Begins

The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1

Maddie fears for herself and her co-workers when the call center is taken hostage.


Accidents happen at a bowling alley and a home renovation; Athena pursues a car thief.


The 118 responds to a viral stunt gone wrong and a disaster at a couple's fishing trip.

Seize the Day

41min - The 118 responds to a skydiving trip gone wrong; a bank rep is injured in a home repossession.

Christmas Spirit

42min - Holiday-themed incidents; Maddie revisits her past to embrace her future; Bobby gets shocking news.


42min - Hen struggles with guilt over her ambulance accident; Bobby introduces Eddie to an old friend.


42min - A skating mishap at an ice show; an accident involving a self-driving car.

Athena Begins

41min - A murder weapon from a case close to Athena in the early '90s resurfaces.


41min - A flock of crows terrorizes a field trip; a ghost-like girl wanders a neighborhood.


42min - Athena takes action after Michael, May and Harry experience a traumatic traffic stop.


41min - The team races to save workers in a high-rise during a fire drill; Buck gives Bobby surprising news.

The Searchers

41min - A massive tsunami hits the Santa Monica Pier; Buck fears the worst when Christopher goes missing.

Sink or Swim

40min - A massive tsunami hits the Santa Monica Pier, jeopardizing the lives of both Buck and Christopher.

Kids Today

41min - A teenager speeds out of control on the freeway; a routine traffic stop uncovers a kidnapping.