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Dude of the Living Dead

Boo, Dude!

22min - Jen's big sister, Courtney, is prettier richer, sexier and more stylish. When she comes back from college, Jen ends up in her shadow -- again.

The One with the Text Message

22min - Serena unleashes misery upon the gang when she breaks up with Wyatt via text message.

It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!

22min - Halloween is usually a spooky time at the mall... but it's about to get downright frightening when Jonesy hosts a Midnight Madness movie marathon in the atrium.

One Quiet Day

22min - Jonesy's new gig as a PA for a cable access show isn't moving his film career fast enough for his liking, so he decides to create his own show - Prank T.V.

Enter the Dragon

22min - Jen's good deed does not go unpunished when Jonesy starts working at the Penalty Box and ends up doing a much better job at sales than she can.

The Birthday Boy

22min - Wyatt finally works up the courage to ask Serena if she would like to be his girlfriend.

Cecil B. Delusioned

22min - The gang makes a bet that Jen won't be able to keep her opinions to herself for 24 hours - and Jen takes that bet.

The Swami

22min - Wyatt asks Serena out for Valentine's Day and makes tons of traditionally romantic plans for the big night.

Bring It On

22min - Wyatt's sixteenth birthday has finally arrived, and no one could be less thrilled than Wyatt.

The (Almost) Graduate

22min - Jonesy is hired as the Mall Special Events Coordinator, but his first guest is a no-show.

The Khaki Girl

22min - Caitlin believes she's a shoo-in for Khaki Girl, a Khaki Barn employee chosen every year to rep the brand and take home a free KB wardrobe.

Stupid Over Cupid

22min - After Jonesy is fired yet again, Nikki hatches a plan to score some more one-on-one time.


22min - The guys get a bit of a shock when all three girls' cycles sync up.

The Girls in the Band

22min - Caitlin finally gets a date with Kyle, the hot guy she has has been crushing on, and she has GOT to find the perfect all costs.

Mr. Nice Guy

22min - Jen learns her driving skills at the Arcade virtual driving game in preparation for her driver's exam; Wyatt loses his lucky charm.

The Fake Date

22min - With the impending doom of being forced to sit at the kiddie table at her cousin's upcoming wedding hanging over her, Jen turns to the gang to help her find a date.

Idol Time at the Mall

22min - Caitlin and Jen are beside themselves. Dog Sled Fiasco, the COOLEST boy band EVER, is shooting their next live video at the mall and plans on putting one lucky fan on stage.

Employee of the Month

22min - Jen pulls the classic "fake boyfriend" maneuver to make the new employee at the Penalty Box jealous; Nikki and Jonesy get stuck in an elevator.

Breaking Up with the Boss' Son

22min - Nikki's sales numbers suck, and Chrissy's Manager-of-the-Month award is on the line - if she can't pull Nikki up to speed, she'll never get the title.

The Five Finger Discount

22min - Jen is shocked to learn that all of her friends have been skimming a little off the top at work.

The Sushi Connection

22min - After a brutal day working the holiday rush, the gang finds their well-deserved time off jeopardized by Jonesy.

Deck the Mall

22min - Hit singing competition show Star Contest hosts an audition at the mall, and Wyatt has prepared an original song.

A Lime to Party

22min - Jen falls for Coach Halder's son Corey, who has just started working at the Penalty Box.

The Slow and the Even-Tempered

22min - Caitlin has been slacking off at the Big Squeeze, turning away customers with her lousy lemonade, so it's Jen to the rescue.

The Big Sickie

22min - Jonesy scores a job at the mall's amusement park and invites everyone to come, but Jen is hesitant to skip work at the Penalty Box after just getting off probation.

Take This Job and Squeeze It

22min - At long last the gang is of age and ready to hunt down after-school jobs in their sprawling local mall - but finding gainful employment in suburbia is harder than they thought.