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The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 2

The Big Giant Head Returns Again: Part 1

Dick Solomon's Day Off

Dick discovers playing hooky from his job by taking sick days then becomes jealous. Sally, Harry and Tommy listen in on a lady's cell phone conversation.

Frankie Goes to Rutherford

Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

Shall We Dick?

Dick gets Mary to enter a dance contest despite the fact that Mary can't dance; Harry invites Nina to dance in the contest with him and they hit it off; Sally and Tommy's girlfriend hit it off at the mall then Tommy gets jealous when Sally sees his girlfriend naked.

Dick Strikes Out

Dick comes up with a striking idea then weasels out of it.

Youth Is Wasted on the Dick

This Little Dick Went to Market

Rutherford Beauty

Mary starts getting upset when Dick has fantasies about Nina. Sally discovers cooking tools and fancy cooking.

The Big Giant Head Returns

The Big Giant Head returns for the son that he had with Vicki and Harry makes a discovery about his past relationship with Vicki.

Dick Puts the 'Id' in Cupid

Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary

The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary

Mary makes a documentary about Dick and the rest of the Solomon family.

Charitable Dick

Dick discovers being charitable in his own style.

Sex and the Sally

Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner

Dick and Tuck

Dial M for Dick

The Fifth Solomon

Dick wrecks the family car while driving with Mary and trying to use his cell phone.

Dick for Tat

Episode I: The Baby Menace