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Dick's Big Giant Headache: Part 2

Dick's Big Giant Headache: Part 1

Near Dick Experience

When Sally, Tommy and Harry have a near death experience at a restaurant, Dick feels left out and starts searching for the experience.

Dick v. Strudwick

Alien Hunter

Dick meets a strange woman who says he is at the top of her list and claims to have several different occupations, only to get a unexpected and unwanted surprise.

Citizen Solomon

Dick hires a maid away from Mary, then Sally feels like she has been replaced. Tommy becomes a crusading editor for the school newspaper and alienates his ex girlfriend.

Dick 'The Mouth' Solomon


Dick catches the computer bug; Sally and Tommy become obsessed with a better television experience as technology takes over with the Solomon's.

Superstitious Dick

Dick discovers superstition when both Mary and Dick ignore chain letters and things keep happening to them.

The House That Dick Built

Sally wants to get a place of her own and move out; Vicki wants Harry to father a child with her.

Paranoid Dick

Dr. Albright becomes concerned that Judith is after her job; Vicki, Sally, Harry and Tommy hit a riverboat.

Sally Forth

Dick and family fights with Mrs. Dubcek over their apartments plumbing problems; Don proposes to Sally then Sally seeks advise from Mary and Nina.

Dick and Taxes

Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons

Two-Faced Dick

The Big Giant Head finally grants a request that Sally made when she first arrived on Earth and forces her to swap bodies with Dick.; Harry takes over Happy Doug's bar while Doug is on vacation.

Happy New Dick!

Indecent Dick

Sally wants to pose in the nude but it is Harry who ends up that way instead; Tommy tries to impress his new female lab partner.

D3: Judgment Day

I Am Dick Pentameter!

Dick becomes obsessed with the Jennifer after Dean Albright can't find time for him anymore; Harry, Tommy and Sally become obsessed with rearranging furniture and giving rooms uses they were not meant for.

What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick?

Collect Call for Dick

Feelin' Albright

When Sally discovers that Officer Don has had other girlfriends than her, she starts to track them down; Dick has problems adjusting to being the deans boyfriend.

Power Mad Dick

Doctor Albright is promoted to dean of the college; Sally and Don take their relationship to a new level.

Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show