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A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 2

A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 1

Dick and the Single Girl

Fifteen Minutes of Dick

Will Work for Dick

Sensitive Dick

After Dick insults his students, he has to go through sensitivity training; Harry goes to Mrs. Dubcek's daughters high-school reunion. Officer Don helps Tommy with his driving.


Mary wants to join a high society club and drags Dick along for the ride; Tommy starts hanging out with some high school toughs.

Dick Behaving Badly

Dick decides he is not manly enough so he starts taking lessons from Harry and they both head out to a strip club to meet some of Dick's students.

I Brake for Dick

Same Old Song and Dick

A Dick on One Knee

Guilty as Dick

Romeo & Juliet & Dick

Dick directs Romeo & Juliet at Tommy's school and drives everyone crazy; Dick talks Sally into having Officer Don try to fix Mary's traffic tickets.

Proud Dick

When Mary gets a better parking space, Dick gets upset then demands he get one. Dick then ends up quitting his job over it and flips burgers; Meanwhile Harry is blown away by a tornado and looses his memory and no one notices.

Jolly Old St. Dick

The Solomon's experience their first Christmas on Earth, both Dick and Sally get case of the humbugs during the experience.

Dick Jokes

Dick gets upset after he discovers that Mary has asked another professor to emcee the fund-raiser she is organizing and decides that he is funny enough to be the Master of Ceremonies.

Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick

The Solomon's experience their first Thanksgiving on Earth which leads to problems with misunderstandings about various aspects of the Holiday. Harry end up in a romantic situation while Tommy gets upset.

My Mother the Alien

World's Greatest Dick

Sally meet a guy at a gay bar and falls for him; Tommy is accepted into a school for geniuses.

Fourth and Dick

Dick the Vote

Much Ado About Dick

Mary has problems with the relationship with Dick being out in the open; Sally decides that she wants to be a cop.

Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

Hotel Dick

After seeing a scifi horror film that scares him, Dick decides to tell Mary that he is an alien while they are at a sci-fi convention. Harry, Sally and Tommy discover hotel amenities.

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