Stream, lej eller køb

See Dick Run

Selfish Dick

After Sally ends up in the hospital, Harry, Tommy and Sally pretend to be ER doctors. Dick gets upset when Dr. Albright moves to a new office and goes on a campaign to get her back.

Father Knows Dick

Harry feels like he is a useless member of the team; Sally meets Randall's mother over dinner.

Assault with a Deadly Dick

Dick Like Me

Dick discovers ethnicity and decides the Solomon's need a ethnic background but he does not really understand what being ethnic is.

I Enjoy Being a Dick

The Dicks They Are A-Changin'

Angry Dick

The Solomon's decide to make friends in order to experience what humans do and Dick ends up with problems with his next door neighbor because of it.

Frozen Dick

Dick goes on a trip to Chicago with Dr. Albright and has issues with the airplane, the Soloman family has their first experience with snowfall on Earth.

The Art of Dick

Sally takes over the school bake sale even though she can't cook; Dick and Harry take a painting class with Dr. Albright.

Truth or Dick

Dick discovers the dangers of being absolutely honest when making comments to people that turn out to be unflattering.


The Solomons are impressed with Dr. Albright's brother until he says he has been abducted by aliens, then they worry that they may have been involved somehow.

Body & Soul & Dick

When a obnoxious professor passes away and Dick finds out he has been chosen to the the eulogy, Dick has problems finding anything good to say about the man. Tommy sees a cheerleader on the side.

Lonely Dick

When Dr. Albright goes on vacation, Dick misses her and becomes obsessive over her.

Green-Eyed Dick

Dick, Smoker

Dick takes up smoking because he thinks it is cool and then goes missing for three days. Sally thinks Dick being missing is all a test of her commanding capability, meanwhile Tommy reanimates a dead frog in science class.

Dick Is from Mars, Sally Is from Venus

Dick's First Birthday

Dick discovers that normal Earthlings have birthdays, then he realizes he is getting old and tries to act younger.

Post-Nasal Dick

Tommy catches a bug from a fellow student and the Solomon's have their first experience with flu; meanwhile Dick wrangles his wangles his way into escorting Dr. Albright to a wedding.

Brains and Eggs

Aliens have landed…in suburbia! To investigate Earth, four inter-planetary explorers are posing as a "normal" American family. But what's normal to us, things like emotions, politics, and zoos, are shockingly alien to them. Through their innocence, irreverence and disarming honesty, we realize they've landed on the most bizarre planet of all - ours!