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Episode #2.10

With only five original members of the twenty camp-mates left, Mel begins to feel the strain. Before the experiment ends, will anyone else throw in the towel?

Episode #2.9

The Crays are unsure what to do with the three goats they have in their possession. Teri confronts Dave over accusations of laziness.

Episode #2.8

The food sharing pact is broken when the tribes take a lot for themselves. Dan brings down a small deer and the tribes eat meat for the first time in weeks.

Episode #2.7

Jay flies home to be with his pregnant girlfriend. The Crays contend with receding water, whilst the Snakes begin to fall out with one another.

Episode #2.6

The Cray and Wood camp's join together to form a joint hunting party. John moves his remaining tribe across the lake to their new home. A member of the Snake camp defects and both camps lose members due to illness.

Episode #2.5

Episode #2.4

Episode #2.3

A member of Wood camp receives bad news from home. The two tribes decide to share the fishing gear and catch 50-50. The Crays want to poach Dan, but he isn't sure whether to defect or not.

Episode #2.2

The second tribe arrives and finds that the first tribe have settled in their allotted camp.

Episode #2.1

The first 12 volunteers arrive and appoint a leader. As the scouting party sets out, they discover a abandoned camp and convince the other tribespeople to move, unaware that this is in fact the allotted camp for the second tribe arriving in 24 hours time.