Stream, lej eller køb

Episode #1.10

In the final days, Mike is still seriously ill and Mel is close to breaking point.

Episode #1.9

The tribe are subsisting on half the recommended calories.

Episode #1.8

Paul and Mike continue to defy Mel and go hunting.

Episode #1.7

New leader Mel has problems with JP and Paul.

Episode #1.6

Steve loses control of the group following an argument over a deer carcass.

Episode #1.5

A freak snowstorm covers the camp in two feet of snow.

Episode #1.4

A fishing trip yields little in the way of nourishment for the tribe.

Episode #1.3

With rations running low, Steve organises a fishing party.

Episode #1.2

Paul sets about building a boar trap.

Episode #1.1

The tribe arrive in their new home - a remote forested wilderness.