Somebody to Love

50min - On the verge of submitting her resignation, Gloria gets a phone call that changes everything. Emmit's day goes from bad to worse.


48min - Gloria gets an unexpected break in the case, but a strange turn of events complicates matters. Nikki puts a plan into action.

Who Rules the Land of Denial?

49min - Nikki struggles to survive. Varga invites Sy to his house, and Emmit gets a strange surprise at the office.

The Law of Inevitability

42min - The police question Nikki. Gloria encounters frustrating bureaucratic hurdles. Sy urges Emmit to sell the business.

The Lord of No Mercy

43min - As Gloria and Winnie start connecting the dots, Varga conducts his own inquiry. Nikki and Ray try to keep a low profile.

The House of Special Purpose

56min - Stella intercepts a delivery meant for Emmit. Varga ramps up his intimidation tactics. Gloria and Winnie investigate a new lead.

The Narrow Escape Problem

48min - Sporting a new look, Ray tries to get even. Gloria bumps into a striking coincidence in her murder case. Varga spells out what "rich" really means.

The Law of Non-Contradiction

47min - Gloria heads to Hollywood to investigate Ennis's death and unearths the sordid story of sci-fi writer Thaddeus Mobley.

The Principle of Restricted Choice

49min - Ray frets over the outcome of his scheme, but Nikki has a plan B. Emmit's lawyer digs for information on Varga. Gloria butts heads with her new boss.

The Law of Vacant Places

1h 4min - Paunchy parole officer Ray Stussy enlists one of his charges to steal a valuable stamp from his older brother Emmit, a real estate mogul.

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