Episode 15: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell

44min - This special celebrates "Schitt's Creek" and gives fans an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the final season including never-before-seen footage of table reads, auditions and celebrity interviews.

Episode 14: Happy Ending

24min - Rain! Cancellations! Untoward issues with the masseuse! David and Patrick's wedding day arrives — and with it, drama.

Episode 13: Start Spreading the News

24min - Moira strives to bounce back from unexpected news. Twyla shares a secret with Alexis. David and Patrick wrestle with the idea of home.

Episode 12: The Pitch

21min - Johnny, Stevie and Roland head to New York City to pitch their big idea while Moira, David and Alexis anxiously ponder the possibilities of a move.

Episode 11: The Bachelor Party

21min - Can David and Patrick escape their bachelor party? Will Moira muster the energy for voiceover work? Will Johnny's phone ever ring? Answers await!

Episode 10: Sunrise, Sunset

21min - Johnny frets about how to pay for David's increasingly opulent wedding while Moira meets-and-greets a soap opera producer from her past.

Episode 9: Rebound

21min - Johnny gets overly involved with Alexis's love life, David takes on a new employee, and Moira learns her magazine interview ruffled a few feathers.

Episode 8: The Presidential Suite

21min - Alexis gets a pleasant surprise, David gets an unpleasant surprise, and Johnny and Moira cut the ribbon — well, basically — on their new motel.

Episode 7: Moira Rose

21min - While Moira and David sample some wine, Johnny tries to have a man-to-man chat with Patrick, and Alexis lends her PR expertise to an exercise guru.

Episode 6: The Wingman

21min - Johnny volunteers to help Bob with dating. Alexis and Moira put a positive spin on the premiere fiasco. David and Patrick consider an ex's invitation.

Episode 5: The Premiere

21min - Alexis plans Moira's red carpet movie premiere. Patrick shares his relationship goals with David. Stevie reconsiders life at the motel.

Episode 4: Maid of Honour

21min - After sharing the trailer to "Crows," Moira is disturbed by Jocelyn's less-than-rapturous response. Also, Johnny and Roland conduct a stakeout.

Episode 3

21min - Moira and Johnny try to find investment for a new motel. And Alexis has a romantic video conference with Ted.

Episode 2

21min - A childhood issue resurfaces which causes David embarrassment, which is only compounded when Patrick shows understanding. And Moira gets on social media with help from Alexis.

Episode 1

21min - David goes on the look out for a possible wedding venue, and Moira and Johnny head down to the Creek for a romantic picnic

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