Dragon Soldiers
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Fantastique: In a suburban town, a deadly monster lurks in the surrounding forest, killing all those who wander too close. Desperate to stop the attack, a group of elite soldiers are called in to handle the situation. The hunters quickly become the hunted as they struggle to kill the terrifying, fire-breathing beast.

La Bête
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Policier: Atteint de stress post-traumatique, cet ex-soldat fait appel à ses instincts les plus brutaux pour sauver son enfant.

Shark Season
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Thriller: En stor hvidhaj jager tre kajakroere ved en afsides ø. Mens de venter på hjælp, begynder tidevandet at stige og tvinger dem ud i vandet igen.

Soorarai Pottru (Tamil)
2020, Film

Action, Drame: Inspired by the book ‘Simply Fly’, the film tells the story of Nedumaaran Rajangam known to friends as Maara, the son of a teacher, who sets out to make the common man fly and takes on the most capital intensive industry in the world with the help of his friends, family and sheer will power.

Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra (Telugu)
2020, Film

Action, Drame: Inspired by the book ‘Simply Fly’, the film tells the story of Nedumaaran Rajangam known to friends as Maara, the son of a teacher, who sets out to make the common man fly and takes on the most capital intensive industry in the world with the help of his friends, family and sheer will power.

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection)
2020, Film

Action, Aventure: An adaptation of the 1988 comic book storyline of the same name, Death in the Family chronicles the tragic death of second Robin Jason Todd at the hand of the Joker.

2020, Film

Action: Jo Lee-Haywood er en enlig mor med en mørk og farlig fortid. En dag kommer en hårdkogt gangster og hans slæng ind på hendes bar og forsøger at tvinge hende til at betale beskyttelsespenge. Men Jo vil ikke lade sig skræmme, og nu må hun omfavne sine indre dæmoner for at styre sin familie og sin virksomhed uden om mafiaen.

V (Telugu)
2020, Film

Action, Drame: The showdown between a celebrated cop and a serial killer who challenges the former to nab him, results in consequences laced with heavy-duty action, playful romance and dark humour.

The 2nd
2020, Film

Action: Guarding political figures is his job. But a group of violent extremists is about to make it personal.

2020, Film

Action, Policier, Drame: A young man returns to his hometown after years of being gone to get revenge on a gang that ruined his life.

2020, Film

Action, Aventure: Raghuram infiltrates Nana Bhai's criminal organization to find evidence of his wrongdoings. When Nana learns of his plans, he massacres Raghurman's family and only his son Rajaram escapes. When he grows up, Rajaram sets out to destroy Nana Bhai. Taapsee was generous to the maximum in her skin show and flaunting her oomph factor. She gives visual feast to the eyes during songs.

2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Policier: Éloignés dans l'enfance par une tragédie, ils se rapprochent grâce à une force plus puissante encore : la vengeance.

One Night in Bangkok
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Policier: When the world's most deadly assassin makes his 500th hit, he thinks it may be time to retire. Instead, he crosses paths with someone who could be the perfect enemy, and a heart-pounding battle of wits ensues.

Class of '83
2020, Film

Action, Policier, Drame: Il est chevronné et intègre, ils sont jeunes et peu scrupuleux. Pour balayer la corruption, ils vont se salir les mains.

Le Collecteur de dettes 2
2020, Film

Action, Aventure: French et Sue ont 48 heures pour recouvrer trois dettes, et tous les moyens sont bons, mais c'est sans compter sur la fureur du baron de la pègre lancé à leurs trousses.

Battlefield 2025
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Horreur: Weekend campers, an escaped convict, young lovers and a police officer experience a night of terror when a hostile visitor from another world descends on a small Arizona town.

Copper Bill
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Policier: Two thieves attempt to steal 80 million dollars of hidden Texas drug money from the famed ranch belonging to a dead member of the Cowboy Mafia.

2020, Film

Action, Horreur: 6 short stories about space, inter-dimensional threat, and murder told by storytellers all over the world.

Malibu Rescue : Une nouvelle vague
2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Comédie: Ils se sont entraînés. Ils ont sauvé des vies. Mais de là à rivaliser avec des champions... On verra bien sur la plage !

Beyond Skiing Everest
2020, Film

Action, Aventure: "Beyond Skiing Everest" is the story of twin brothers Mike and Steve Marolt and life long friend Jim Gile taking ski mountaineering to the greater ranges of the Himalaya and Andes, and ultimately to the USA National Ski Hall of Fame.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow
2020, Film

Action, Dessin animé: Daily Planet intern Clark Kent takes learning-on-the-job to new extremes when Lobo and Parasite set their sights on Metropolis.

2020, Film

Action, Horreur, Thriller: Dehors, des hordes d'individus infectés guettent leur prochaine victime. Seul chez lui, il a peu de chances de survivre.

2020, Film

Action, Aventure, Documentaire: “What would happen if I shot ski photos using a telescope? Like, a big mountain top, house size telescope?” That question motivated photographer Reuben Krabbe on an unusual and incredible journey to create a groundbreaking photograph. After the critically acclaimed photograph and film “Eclipse” in 2015, which followed Reuben’s vision for a ski photograph during a solar eclipse, Nebula sends him looking much, much further. Step inside Reuben’s creative process, aspiration, love for mountains, and signature creativity, as he sets out to create what may be the most challenging ski photograph ever made.

The Runners
2020, Film

Action, Policier: After losing their parents in a car accident, Ryan must raise his rebellious teenage sister, Zoe. One night, Zoe sneaks out to a party and is abducted by a charming older boy who intends to sell her to the cartel for human trafficking. Now, Ryan and his best friend have just hours to track them down and save her before she is sold and dragged across the Mexican border, never to be seen again.