I Am Greta
2020, Documentaire

Biographie, Documentaire, Économie et politique: Documentary follows Greta Thunberg, a teenage climate activist from Eastern Europe on her international crusade to get people to listen to scientists about the world's environmental problems.

Silent Fish
2020, Documentaire

Drame: Although the EU has promised to end overfishing by 2020, the Mediterranean remains the most overfished sea on the planet and as a result fishermen are doomed to catch less and less fish in the era of climate change. “Silent Fish” travelled through the Mediterranean and captured the fishermen’s lives on the shores where human civilization made its first steps thousands of years ago, showing how fishermen are in danger of ending up an “extinct species” because of failed EU and national policies.

Current Sea
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: An environmental thriller that sinks to the murky depths of the Southeast Asian fishing industry. A compelling testimony to the possibilities of local activism, Current Sea follows investigative journalist, Matt Blomberg, and ocean activist, Paul Ferber, in their dangerous efforts to create a marine conservation area and combat the relentless tide of illegal fishing. Along the way a new generation of Cambodian environmentalists are inspired to create a better life for their people.

The Truth About 5G
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: What's driving the global anti-5G movement? As coronavirus continues to upend our lives, conspiracy theorists, tech giants and governments battle over the latest tech innovation. This report delves into the murky waters of 5G conspiracy theories.

Flying Fortress: History of the B-17 Bomber
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: The Boeing B-17 stood as a powerful symbol of the United States' unsurmountable air power. Dubbed the flying fortress it conquered the skies and is most closely associated with the air war over Europe.

Hitler's Fatal Mistake: The Fall of the Third Reich
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: It was evident that Adolf Hitler was prepared to go to any lengths, not only to put Germany back on the European map as a force to be reckoned with, but also build a German Empire.With the declaration of war on September 3rd, the fight would be long and bitter, and Hitler’s decision to destroy his non aggression pact with Stalin was a fatal mistake that would cost him dearly. Europe becomes a maelstrom of changing power bases, as Adolf Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich begins to crumble before his eyes.

Greta Thunberg: Rebel with a Cause
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Never afraid to speak the harsh and terrifying truths of impending climate disaster Greta is taking on the world for the ultimate cause.

Kim Kardashian West: Hollywood Royalty
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Never shy of a controversy, Kim Kardashian West and her famous family have earned millions showcasing their lives for the world to see. Experiencing negativity and criticism throughout, she has developed a thick skin for combatting the haters and dealing with the paparazzi. Iconic for her looks and trend setting style, Kim is always making headlines. Whether it’s rumours of plastic surgery or complimenting her figure in a body hugging outfit, Kim will always be the superstar at the top of celebrity news, with her famous family not far behind.

Bob Dylan: Busy Being Born
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Few musicians have made an impact throughout the decades as seismic as Bob Dylan. Retrace his journey, from humble folk beginnings in Hibbing, to the bustling electric Greenwich Village. Discover his musical predecessors & the events that sparked a young Bob Dylan to venture into his own psyche. As the times changed, Dylan’s anti war & pro civil rights message has become ever more present.Unable to be pinned down, Bob’s sound evolved, rewriting the songwriting rule book in the process. Armed with only his guitar and harmonica, he defied the normal conventions set before him, and championed for the weak and down trodden. Dylan has pushed music to its boundaries, and become the only musician to have been awarded a Nobel prize.

Chernobyl: Hour by Hour
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire, Histoire: The accident at Chernobyl released at least 100 times more radiation than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thousands of residents were displaced and an incalculable number of Europeans still hold the scars from what happened that disastrous night in Chernobyl.The accident at Chernobyl changed the image of the Soviet Union & provided a grave reminder of the true power of nuclear energy.But was it the catalyst for the downfall of the Union? Find out, as we take you into the heart of the disaster and what went wrong, hour by hour.

Planet of the Humans
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: "Planet of the Humans" dares to say what no one will—that we are losing the battle to stop climate change because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road—selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America. This film is the wake-up call to the reality we are afraid to face: that in the midst of a human-caused extinction event, the environmental movement’s answer is to push for techno-fixes and band-aids. It's too little, too late. Removed from the debate is the only thing that might save us: getting a grip on our out-of-control human presence and consumption. Why is this not the issue? Because that would be bad for profits, bad for business. Have we environmentalists fallen for illusions, “green” illusions, that are anything but green, because we’re scared that this is the end—and we’ve pinned all our hopes on solar panels and wind turbines? No amount of batteries are going to save us, warns director Jeff Gibbs (lifelong environmentalist and co-producer of Fahrenheit 9/11). This urgent, must-see movie, a full-frontal assault on our sacred cows, is guaranteed to generate anger, debate, and, hopefully, a willingness to see our survival in a new way—before it’s too late.

There's No Such Thing as Ghosts?
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Do ghosts exist? A filmmaker travels to rumored haunted places interviewing psychics, scientists, and skeptics in search of the truth. Along the way, his crew captures unexplained phenomena including a box that allows the dead to speak.

My Darling Vivian
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Experience the romantic, wrenching, and dizzying journey of Vivian Liberto, Johnny Cash's first wife and the mother of his four daughters. With all-new interviews and exclusive, unprecedented access to never-before-seen footage and photographs, this emotional and moving film takes an intimate look at a woman long-cast to the shadows and brings her entire fascinating story into vivid focus.

Chasing the Present
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: A materially successful young man, riddled with anxiety embarks on a world-wide journey of self-inquiry. From the streets of NY, to the stillness of the Ganges, and deep into the jungles of Peru, he immerses himself in meditation, self-inquiry, and plant medicine whilst conversing with top experts like Russell Brand, Alex Grey, Graham Hancock, Joseph Goldstein, Rupert Spira, Sri Prem baba, Zelda Hall, and more to find the root cause of the problem and learn how to finally find freedom from his crippling anxiety. He finds answers to why a person who seemingly has it all can continue to suffer from debilitating panic attacks, whilst recognizing the beauty and power that lies within each of us, if we are willing to go there. Let your journey begin with Chasing the Present.

Trapped in the Volcano
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: The extraordinary efforts of ordinary people to rescue the victims of the White Island disaster. The White Island Volcano eruption in December 2019 claimed the lives of 23 people. Despite extraordinary stories of heroism in the rescue effort, could more have been done to prevent this awful loss of life?

Manchester United: For the Glory
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Winners of 20 Premiere League Titles, 3 UEFA Champions Leagues and 12 FA cups, Manchester United are one of the most award winning Football Teams in the sport. With over 650 million fans world wide, they are also one of the biggest brands in the industry with a truly recognisable image. Witness the full story, as we look throughout the eras focusing on the turning points, the best players and their greatest historic achievements. This... is Manchester United and their campaign...for the glory.

Empire Rise and Fall
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: From Babylonia to Rome, the greatest empires in the world once thought unconquerable had one thing in common, their demise. The pattern is clear, they all irrefutably fell from grace and power. History tells us all great nations rise and fall from man’s apparently insatiable need for conquest driven by blood thirst and ambition, eventually becoming drunk and blind with power. We can either learn from history and change as a collective, or be doomed to repeat the cycle again and again.

Rod Stewart: The Signature Voice
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: His unique voice, presence on stage and dynamic fashion sense has turned Rod into a superstar. Some guys have all the luck, but Rod has persisted, through ups and downs, to remain one of Britain's most notable performers.

Colombia in My Arms
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire, Drame: After 52 years of armed conflict the FARC guerrillas are about to hand over their weapons in a move meant to benefit the poor. Society is thrown into chaos. Some fear for their lives while others are hopeful for change. This film takes a close look at a crucial opportunity for a country to improve, but will the peace deal be respected?

Electric Kingdom
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Electric Kingdom is a behind the scenes documentary following the first Formula E electric car race in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, famous as being the world’s largest producer of oil, played host to an electric car race to make a statement. Sustainability is a core focus of the nation’s 2030 vision and Electric Kingdom captures history as the Saudi’s host Formula E in the capital Riyadh. The film explores how a nation of motor enthusiasts reacts to this electric future and follows the team responsible for hosting the massive race and concert event. Electric Kingdom captures a series of firsts in the traditionally closed off nation. The first women to drive an electric race car in Saudi, the first Western Concert in Saudi Arabia and the first of what will be a multi year race series hosted in the Unesco heritage site of Ad Diriyah.

Project Blue Book Exposed
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Project Blue Book was the catalyst to the modern day UFO cover-up that still exists today. The startling fact is we may be in the same position now as we were then, as it relates to the phenomena. We are still in an age of denial about the magnitude of this phenomenon and what its implications mean for all mankind. Perhaps there are secret factions that have indeed communicated with alien entities and have received technology from them. But from the outside looking in, it appears nothing has changed as the UFOs continue to violate our airspace with impunity; and as before, military factions are powerless against the unknown invaders.

2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Ten days. Five friends. One trek across Utah's Uinta Highline Trail. Highline follows 5 hikers as they traverse a lesser known mountain range in Utah call the Uinta. Viewers will experience the adventures and challenges along the way. Local archaeologist Tom Flanigan adds another layer of depth to the experience by sharing stories from the past and conveying the importance of this lesser known place. As the story progresses, viewers begin to learn more about the hikers, and why they choose to hike for days, weeks, and even months at a time. Stories of PTSD recovery, addiction recovery, health and family issues are heavy topics in the film.

The Fittest
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: In 2019 the fittest athletes on earth took on the unknown and unknowable during four intense days of competition at the CrossFit Games. "The Fittest " captures all the drama as chiseled athletes descend on Madison, Wisconsin, to face a series of trials. On top of the physical challenges, this year the sport grew from 40 men and women, to over 100 of each. But with this new format came cuts of the field, so for the final half of the weekend, only 10 men and 10 women move on to determine who is the fittest. The best among them enter the pantheon of CrossFit giants and earn the right to call themselves the "Fittest on Earth."

Lionel Messi: The Greatest
2020, Documentaire

Documentaire: Winner of a record breaking, 6 Ballon d'Or's, Lionel Messi has proved time and time again that he is the greatest player of all time. He is the most award winning player, the highest scorer in La Liga, and at the age of 32, he is still performing at a world class standard week in, week out at Barcelona. Follow the journey of the Argentine prodigy and witness how he became the greatest player in the world.