Episode 7: The Third Day (Autumn) Highlights

1h 34min - Highlights Sky Arts' 12-hour theatrical broadcast, taking you deeper into the world of The Third Day. May contain disturbing and flashing images.

Episode 6: Last Day - The Dark

59min - Helen protects her family as tensions between the islanders come to a dramatic conclusion.

Episode 5: Tuesday - The Daughter

58min - Helen is drawn further into the conflicts of the island whilst Ellie makes a new friend.

Episode 4: Monday - The Mother

55min - Helen arrives on the island for a family holiday, hoping to bond with her daughters. Naomie Harris stars.

Episode 3: Sunday - The Ghost

55min - Unsure of who to trust, Sam desperately tries to regain control and flee the island.

Episode 2: Saturday - The Son

56min - Sam gets closer to Jess and starts to embrace island life, but things aren't as they seem.

Episode 1: Friday - The Father

57min - Jude Law stars as Sam, who, after saving a young girl from trouble, finds himself drawn to a mysterious island. (S1, ep 1)

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